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We have recently added natural wool to our product range. 

The benefits of natural wool are outstanding, flame retardant and easy to clean, for dirt sits on the surface of a wool fibre (and so can be wiped off). Dust mites do not like to live in wool fibres for wool absorbs moisture. Wool is the perfect filling for asthma and allergy sufferers creating a healthy, breathable environment.  Wool is sustainable and biodegradable therefore better for our environment. 

Choosing wool for your home can make a vast difference to your everyday living. The benefits of choosing wool are truly remarkable. Wool fibres are perfect for filling cushions, pillows, draft excluders dolls and teddy bears because of the reforming bounce back qualities in the fibre. Wool wadding is breathable therefore creates a wonderfully warm lining for clothing, curtains and quilts. Wool fibres are naturally fire retardant so opting for wool in your home gives you not only the fantastically soft feel also the safety aspects. Wool feels like a superior quality product, wool offers longevity because of the reform qualities, just shake your pillow, cushion or quilt and it reshapes.

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Natural Wadding Products

Carded Wool Batt

British Shropshire wool has been sourced to create a British wool batt perfect for the quilting enthusiast. The wool has been locally scoured and carded to create a totally natural wool wadding retaining all the qualities in a natural fibre.  The wool batt is suitable for any quilter’s or felters project.  Most craft companies sell carded wool, usually pre-dyed for felting we have chosen to supply our wool totally natural which can be easily dyed if required.