Natural wool filling

The wool filling fibres go through an innovative process which increases the volume of the fibres, to achieve the ultimate fully natural bounce-back filling product.  

Wool fillings are safe!  They are ideal for toys and cushions - our natural new wool filling is a short fibre filling  similar in length to polyester filling but offering all the qualities of natural wool.   

It takes only 6 weeks for dust-mites to fully colonize a non-wool pillow – another reason to use natural wool fillings.  Try our natural wool fillings – you wont regret it!

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Natural Filling Products

Wool Balls

Our wool balls have been processed to create an embellishment product for creating decoration and detail on a natural fabric or knitted surface.

Our textured wool product which can be stitched onto any fabric or needle felted down onto any natural fabric or knitted surface to achieve an intricate design.

The product is completely natural and will take dyes beautifully as an alternative to a natural effect.  Our wool balls can also be used as a cushion or pillow filling for that firmer feel.